You Didn’t Earn That


It’s tax season, ladies and gentlemen. With all of this convoluted IRS mumbo-jumbo fresh on our minds, I want to address something that’s very interesting to me. Below, are a few definitions given to us by our government.

Unearned income – Any type of money received from an investment (rental income, dividends from stocks, interest from CD’s, etc.)

Entitlements – Food stamps, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.

Interesting, right?

Money you make for yourself through wise and financially literate investments: you didn’t earn it.
Money you get because people are coerced into giving it to you: you’re entitled to it.

The bureaucrats in the IRS can define my money however they want but let me tell you, I’m am working hard to buy a house. I am going to work hard to buy a second house. The rental income that I will collect from my properties will most certainly be earned income.

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