Thou Shalt Prosper

I love entrepreneurship. I love investing. I love unlimited income potential.

However, Americans hate the wealthy and demand free handouts—increasingly so, it seems.


One of my personal heroes, Robert Herjavec, nails it at 4:20

According to Daniel Lapin in “Thou Shalt Prosper”, Americans are hating the wealthy for one simple reason: the media.

How often have we seen this formula for a movie:
The Good Guy: A struggling businessman who is on the brink of financial ruin.
The Bad Guy: An evil businessman who has the audacity to be successful.

Forget the fact that Eduardo Saverin helped create hundreds of jobs…let’s burn that Brazilian heretic to the stake for expatriating from the US before Facebook’s IPO in order to avoid a hefty exit tax.

Don’t let the media or the nay-sayers guilt trip you into staying average. Who wants to be average?! Average is broke. Average is in debt. Average pays 18% interest for crap he doesn’t need.

Average thinks Social Security is going to take care of him (we’ll talk about that one later. It will fail. Simple Arithmetic says so.)

Well, call me evil if you want…but I have the audacity to be successful.

To paraphrase Robert, I will make no apologies for my success. I will make no apologies for wanting to take $21,000 and leveraging it into a $600,000 income generating asset.

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