Tech vs. Real Estate P. 2

Yesterday I gave several reasons as to why I wouldn’t want to start a tech company. Truth be told, I actually started a tech company in October of 2011.

It was an experience of a lifetime. The lessons I learned were priceless. My business partner became one of my closest friends.

With that said, I fell into the Silicon Valley mentality.

I thought I could create one tech idea after another, make each idea a separate company, and flip each company for millions of dollars. I could be a serial entrepreneur (epic super hero music).

The term serial entrepreneur is just ridiculous. And guess what—that term pops up all the time in the tech world.

You’re not going to get rich from flipping properties or from flipping companies—it doesn’t work that way. Yes, there are always exceptions…but they are exactly what they sound like: exceptions.

Focus on customers and sales, not imaginary investors and acquisitions.

Slowly but surely, I want to build a real estate empire. Will I sit and wait for a miraculous investor to swoop in with a blank check? Of course not, are you kidding?!

My goal will be simple: to generate a monthly income from tenants—customers, if you will.


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  1. Brother in law

    Keep bringing the heat.


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