Health Insurance is Expensive


Yesterday, I received my first paycheck in which my insurance benefits have become active.

Health insurance is expensive! And it’s particularly expensive in New York City (everything is more expensive here).

But seriously, there is a difference between penny-pinching and living within a conservative budget.

The vast majority of millionaires live within a conservative budget.
The vast majority of penny-pinchers never become millionaires.

Is it frustrating to pay $180 a week for health insurance? Of course!

Despite what you may think, capitalists understand that there’s more to life than wealth (I do, at least). Knowing that I am providing for my wife while she pursues her career as a makeup artist makes me feel…well, manly.

If I can afford health insurance yet I refuse to invest in our health and safety, I’m taking an unnecessary risk.

Yes, health insurance is expensive but I think we’ve all heard the horror stories known as medical bills for the uninsured.

Besides, I should have better benefits within six or seven weeks.

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