Dinner with a Billionaire

I’m a big fan of Dave Ramsey. Though I disagree with him on a few views (I think there’s a difference between debt and credit and I believe credit can be a good thing. I also believe gold and silver can be good investments…as long as your intent is to maintain your buying power), he is a personal hero of mine.

I want to paraphrase one of his stories:

Dave Ramsey used to take millionaires out to dinner so that he could pick their brains and learn how to become a millionaire as well.

Now that he’s a multimillionaire, he wants to be a billionaire. Now he takes billionaires out to dinner (those guys are hard to find though—there are only 300 billionaires in the US).

One evening, Dave was having dinner with a billionaire. Dave asked him if he would recommend any good business books. The billionaire said, “Certainly. I have one that I’ve read for years. I even read it to my grandkids when I tuck them in bed.”

Dave Ramsey was excited.

“You’ve probably heard of it. It’s the tortoise and the hare.”

Dave Ramsey was confused.

“Our culture has a lot of little hares running round. They think they can get rich quick so they hop around from scheme to scheme. I’ve read the book many, many times and you know what…the tortoise wins every time.”

Even if you tried, I don’t think you could find more hares than the plethora you will find in the tech world (and they all think they’re geniuses).

With that said—I’ve been inspired to start a series. I’m calling it “Tech vs. Real Estate“.

Want to know why I’m starting a real estate company instead of a tech company? Stay tuned and you will!

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